2.007 Introduction

This semester, I’m taking 2.007, a design and manufacturing class. I’m in the special section for designing a go-kart, and so far, it’s been really fun! 1 month in, and this is my first 2.007 post – I’ve been busy! As this is still an MIT class, we have requirements – physical milestones (build something specific related to the g0-kart), notebook milestones, and written homework (problem sets). Our lab instructor (Charles Guan) + 2.007 requires us to do notebook milestones each week – things like designing our kart, finding drivetrain parts – small steps to push us towards having a go-kart as soon as possible.

2.00gokart History: It started as a 2.007 overflow course, led by the MIT EVT (http://web.mit.edu/evt/). When the EVT members graduated, Charles took over running the section and then designed his own class. IT’s documented on his blog here (http://www.etotheipiplusone.net/?p=3035) Also, that post links to a lot of other 2.00gokart blogs for the Singaporean section and other years

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