Spring Break! – Scheduling

Thank goodness it’s spring break – time to take a break from classes. Aisha and I are both staying over spring break and working on our go-karts. Last week, Aisha and I ordered our go-kart on Mcmaster (joking! but not really) and designed all the pieces to be waterjet. We’re currently waiting for our water-jet parts and Charles will be able to get to them on Monday. In the meantime, I’m UROPing, catching up with friends, and doing some design. Sadly, I broke my mouse (I tend to destroy anything I use daily so the earphones / mouse / watch / computer that I end up keeping for a long time are super durable only because I haven’t managed to break them). But I ordered a new mouse so…I’m not going to be CADing because that would be painful.

Aisha are planning to start coming in once our parts are waterjet. Here is our beautiful list of things we need to do:

Steering and Front assembly:

  • Thread and cut bolts (for axles)
  • Thread 80×20 15″
  • Thread vertical steering supports x6
  • Cut 1/4″ rod
  • Cut Aluminum tube
  • Design and CAD steering wheel
  • Front footrests
  • CAD pedal

Back and Frame Assembly

  • build/design a tensioner
  • Assembling everything (1 day)
  • Assemble sprocket and chain
  • Assemble brakes
  • Find a bike handle (email Mike)


  • design Battery cage
  • buy hella switch + configure all electronics

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