Spring Break – Monday + Tuesday: Assembling Wheel, Seat, Steering, Mounts

Waterjet Pieces (and Waterjet Taper)

Our waterjet parts finally came in Monday night! It was super exciting. Now we could start assembling all the pieces, make more measurements, and construct more things! There is a lot to do (as evident on the spring break post). But first things first – even though we had added 0.005″ to our holes to account for waterjet taper, it still manifested itself  in slots not fitting :(. So Aisha and I filed. And filed. For a few hours.

Significant filing effort was made to make sure the slots fit
Significant filing effort was made to make sure the slots fit the tabs

Wheel Mounts

Remember those wheel mounts we designed so it’d be easy to adjust? This was important so we could make sure the wheel was centered (because it’s slightly asymmetrical from the band brake/sprocket on either side). It took a fair amount of fiddling.

2014-03-25 02.14.232014-03-25 02.14.28

Making sure wheel is centered
Making sure wheel is centered

2014-03-25 03.36.34

motor electronics back design
Looks similar to the CAD? 🙂


Seat Mount

2014-03-25 01.22.51
Waterjetted H Bar attaches Seat to the frame

So our awesome lawn tractor seat (with minor cosmetic defect, $20 on ebay!) fits onto our waterjet H bar. We’ll put this on our kart. Assembly order will be a bit of a hassle, because we can’t tighten down the H bar onto the frame when the seat is attached. We’ll just assemble the H bar first and then put the seat down at the end. Where the seat goes is still pretty variable because of COM optimization. I should probably put the material properties on Solidworks to find the center of mass (COM). We also placed spacers stacks of washers under the set to adjust tilt of chair.

Stack of washers
Stack of washers

We’re going to buy spacers to replace the stack of washers, now that I know the correct height.

2014-03-25 00.02.00-1

Aisha’s Steering

Aisha (my partner) and I split up the work. She is working on the steering, steering arms / column, front section, while I’m designing the frame/kart back/drivetrain. It’s been working out well. Here are some pictures of the steering arms and steering columns.

Steering Arm
Left Steering Arm2014-03-25 01.21.04
Steering Column
Steering ColumnSteering Column Attachment


2014-03-25 01.21.12

They also take a significant amount of maching. Here is a picture of Aisha dremeling.

Dremels are fun
Aisha Dremeling; Dremels are fun


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