Spring Break – Friday: Brakes + Mounting Chair

Today, I mounted the brakes. Thanks to youtube + Charles/Jamieson, I figured out where everything goes. With the handle brake lever I yanked off a New House bike, I attached it to one end of the bike cable and housing. Next, I needed to mount the black band brake to something. I took a scrap piece of 1/4″ aluminum, drilled holes in it, and fastened it to the wheel attachment. One end is screwed into the band brake outer casing; the other end is fastened to the motor plate.

Brake Attachment   2014-03-28 07.12.41

Next, the brake kit came with an attachment that would stop/hold the housing and allow the cable to pass through. I fastened that to the seat H plate.

Mount Brake attachment to underside

The other end of the cable goes into a screw on the brake. Here’s a picture of the final assembly!

2014-03-28 07.57.51

Finally, now that everything else was secured, I was able to mount the chair by screwing it in from underneath.

2014-03-28 07.19.32

I decided to take a break / finish up all my schoolwork over the weekend. Our rolling frame is due this coming friday! But I’ve pretty much finished my part! The only thing I can do now is wait for the set screws from the McMaster order to arrive so I can mount the sprocket and chain onto the motor + wheel.


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