Tensioner, Masterlink, Electrical Diagrams & Milestone 7

We originally planned to finish Milestone 7 after Spring Break but then…the Hobby Shop Waterjet broke down. There was a bit of delay ūüė¶ So our Milestone 7 was put off until the parts came in.


I designed a tensioner, waterjet the pieces, and proceeded to assemble everything. The attachment of the spring was more difficult than expected – the spring was harder to manipulate than I thought, so I proceeded to shove it (with much effort) onto the little ledge I’d waterjet. I also drilled a hole into the screw to mount the spring onto it. And it worked! The tensioner successfully applied tension on the chain. However, after all this hassle of designing and machining and figuring things out, I decided not to use it because the tensioner contact with the chain caused a bit of friction, and in the end, the¬†costs would outweigh the benefits of this additional tensioner (also because we can just tension the chain by adjusting the motor distance on the 80×20).

2014-04-04 05.00.53

2014-04-04 05.39.51
Drilled hole through screw to attach spring
2014-04-04 04.08.07
Janky attachment of spring to tensioner


We also assembled the chain onto the motor sprocket.

2014-04-04 04.42.42 2014-04-04 04.47.16


Aisha finished the steering!

2014-04-18 03.47.37


The brake lever I found fits onto the steering wheel with a screw and half-circles of metal.

2014-04-18 03.47.58

Completing Milestones

I drew up electrical system diagrams for the power side and signal side. Aisha and I stayed late on Friday night soldering the electrical system!

2014-04-08 06.24.49
Power Side Wiring
2014-04-15 09.42.38
Signal Side Wiring

We passed our Milestone 7! Except that our vehicle actually does not fit through a 33″ door, as we planned for it to fit through 36″ door. Oops. ¬†So we’re going to recalculate the steering and re-waterjet a piece for the steering that will work with a shorter front length.


2014-04-18 03.46.18

Final CAD


Lab Shenanigans

2014-04-04 04.20.04

2014-04-04 06.03.25 2014-04-04 06.15.48 2014-04-04 04.18.48 2014-04-04 04.18.37


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