Biomechatronics Research


February 2014, I started a UROP in the Media Lab. Over summer 2014, I continued to work on this project! I’m working under Arthur Petron on Fit Socket in the Biomechatronics group, and it’s really awesome. So far, it’s been my favorite UROP (I’ve previously worked at the Computer Graphics Lab in CSAIL and in the Surface Processes Group in EAPS.) So far, this UROP has enabled me to develop more design experience, especially under a mentor who’s phenomenal at rapidly designing and prototyping. I’m also getting to explore how electronics are integrated into a system (designing PCBs) and giving me more hands-on experience with the waterjet and other machines in the shop.

The Project:

What is Fit Socket?

It’s a device to measures how tissue stiffness varies spatially. The theory that Arthur is developing is that we can make a more comfortable socket if we can vary tissue stiffness. “Sockets–the cup-shaped devices that attach an amputated limb to a lower-limb prosthesis–are made through unscientific, artisanal methods that do not have repeatable quality and comfort from one individual with amputation to the next. The FitSocket project aims to identify the correlation between leg tissue properties and the design of a comfortable socket. We accomplish this by creating a robotic socket measurement device called the FitSocket which can directly measure tissue properties. With this data, we can rapid-prototype test sockets and socket molds in order to make rigid, spatially variable stiffness, and spatially/temporally variable stiffness sockets.”

Arthur wanted to redesign FitSocket one last time. Here is old Fitsocket.

2014-05-06 04.21.182014-05-06 04.20.58

We wanted removable electronics panels, a workstation for the researcher working on fitsocket, and a pretty, finalized design. Here is new FitSocket.

2014-08-14 00.01.52

2014-08-15 14.14.57



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