Radiant Sandals

An Open-toed, Heated sandal

My team created Radiant Sandals through Open Style Lab, an program that matches an occupational therapist, a designer, and an engineer to create a clothing solution for people with disabilities. Each team of three is matched with a client with a disability who has a specific clothing need.




We created this shoe for people who have temperature regulation problems, including populations with Raynaud’s Syndrome and people with diabetes. By giving these populations the ability to wear sandals, this opens up more clothing options, allowing them the freedom and independence of making clothing decisions.


The sandal is heated by a commercial hand warmer that fits into a pocket on the shoe. The fabric combines a layer that conducts heat from the heat packet to spread along the straps of the shoe and a layer that insulates the shoe, preventing the heat from radiating away.

Here are some early prototypes:

Photo Jul 26, 12 55 34Photo Aug 01, 16 49 45

Fabric combination:

Fabric layering 2





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