Toy Product Design

Freshmen spring, I participated in 2.00b: Toy Product Design, learning the the product design process and building a toy product. You can see our website here.

Circuit racers is an electronic circuit game where players strategize to complete the most circuits. There’s also a puzzle game mode which teaches children about constructing circuits.

Circuit Racers Gameboardow to Play:

How to Play:

LED and battery are placed randomly on the board before the start of the game. Then, players take turns placing pieces on the board to make a complete circuit, by connecting the LEDs and batteries. Each piece is selected by the randomizer at the top of the board.. The player who places the last piece down to complete the circuit claims that LED. The player with the most LEDs wins.


The gameboard was constructed out of acrylic, made with a desktop CNC mill. Then, steel washers and pins were pushed into the board to create the nodes. The pieces are copper-plated FRC boards, milled with a modela to construct the circuit. The game pieces are then overlayed with red or blue acrylic. The LED pieces are blue or red, depending on the direction of the circuit.

My Role:

I designed the gameplay rules for the strategy game, testing with the MIT Game Lab and writing up the game handbook. I also designed the puzzle mode of I was the CAD person for the team, building the Solidworks model of the gameboard.

“Looks Like” Model
“Works Like” Model


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